This appraisal is for the client’s exclusive use only for the following two purposes: Providing information verifying the authenticity and physical characteristics of this gemstone or fine jewelry item and/or indicating estimated retail value to obtain insurance coverage. This appraisal has been established to the best of the appraiser’s knowledge regardless of provenance elements and/or ownership history, origin, any past, present and/or future legal disputes which cannot be brought against the appraiser and/or which cannot be associated with the appraiser. This appraisal is an opinion on the gemstone, diamond or fine jewelry item at the time of the examination only. There is no implied guarantee that this appraisal will result in a sale at the appraised price and no representation or warranty with regards to this report. This appraisal represents the best opinion of the appraiser at the time of examination with no responsibility for differences which may occur by repeated examination by other experts in the field and/or by other standards, norms, methods or criteria other than those used by the appraiser.